Frequently Asked Questions

Good reason to join a Toy Library

We are a non-profit organization run by a voluntary committee with support from our members and their families. We are always in need of new committee members. From each new committee member, we gain new ideas and a fresh look into what can be improved. We are not a council or government organisation or a private company. We are a group of parents working together to benefit our children. The library is run by the members and a volunteer committee, who looks after the day-to-day running of the library. The library also one employ paid librarian.

If you lose a piece and you are not able to find the piece, you will be charged a replacement fee of $5.00. If you find the piece this is fully refundable. If a missing piece causes the toy to be incomplete, you are welcome to buy the toy (and we hope you find the piece at home), or pay to replace it.

You will be charged the replacement cost. Each toys has a different cost.

You can hire up to 5 toys out at a time. You can also renew the toy for a further 2 weeks.

Yes! Your children are welcome to “stay and play” in the play area when you come to check out toys.

Of course, we are all parents and we value you taking time out from your busy families to help us so please feel free to bring them to your shift.

Thanks so much for choosing a Duty Membership! A duty member helps for 2 session throughout the year at the Toy Library. This includes counting and checking toys for damage when thay have been returned. You may be asked to complete some duties that are in need such as cleaning and stocktake. 

Yes! Great for when the grandkids visit during the holidays! This is what we call our Casual Membership, $15 per year, hire double cost.

Yes, we do close during the Christmas holidays but don’t worry you are still able to hire toys out over this period. We usually close the week before Christmas and open again the second week of the new year. We do not close over other public holidays during the year or term school holidays.