81355: Fun Barrel

Fun Barrel photo
  • Category: O
  • No Pieces: 1
  • Manufacturer: Gigantos
  • Age: 3+
  • Rent: $5.00
  • Replacement cost: $348.39
  • Storage: : No Storage


This lightweight, but tough Gigantos fun barrel measures 82cm high and 60cm in diameter and comes in assorted colours. Made in Australia to ensure good robust quality. A great design for children to enjoy and they work on their gross motor and social skills.

This product is made in Australia and is certified to AS4685.1 and NZ5828, ensuring our children have the safest play possible.


1 fun barrel


Playing physical games such as in this fun barrel gives children opportunities to develop confidence in managing movement challenges such as balancing, climbing, crawling, bending or stretching. Children explore new ways to move, and learn how to control these movements safely in various spaces around them. These confidences will grow as they join in these physical games that a range of fun barrels, walk boards and trestles can provide the growing child.